Implemented Projects

Listed at BAWV, Bonn for transport implementations
e.g. tank vehicle transport T72; 9.70x3.70x2.55 meter and 45 tons

Pre-carriage fob North Sea harbor for project Silverwood Lake + Belleville / USA
from Timisoara and Bocsa / Romania
900 tons each. / 2900 frt. (freight tons)
with widths of 650 cm and 45 tons weight per item
Railroad, truck, inland waterway craft

Crane installation Mulhouse/France
from Uhersky Brod/CS
Crane girder up to 48 meters. Length of
crane trolley max. 650 cm width, 380 cm height
2 x crane installation Gothenburg
1 x crane inst. Stockholm RR/truck

Crane installation Dunkirk/France
truck up to 55 tons weight per items, 34 meter length
1,250 tons / 5000 cbm

High-bay racking store Hambach/France
from Maribor/Slovenia - supporting pillars up to 40 m
250 tons / 100 cbm truck

Project Batman,
from Tampere/Finland for Charkov/Ukraine
3 lots with wide loads up to 401 cm on rail to Charkov/Ukraine

High-bay racking store Brunsbüttel
from Maribor/Slovenia -
4 supporting pillars 40.20 m length each by RR & accessories

Transshipment facility Weil am Rhein
from Wuerzburg 4 girders with 34.5 m length by railroad (RR) & accessories/equipment
with supplies from Uhersky Brod/Czechia
e.g. machinery house 650 x 625 x 350 cm 35 tons by truck, remaining equipment

Project Zeebrugge/Belgium
2 crane girders 5800 x 500 386 cm each & 125 tons
2 machinery houses 1570 x 770 x 567 cm ea., 82 tons.

Project Cartagena/Columbia
300 tons / 2000 cbm crane installations
from Unicov - Nordenham by railroad

3 cpl. container bridges Nov. 98-March 99
1800 tons / 10000 cbm
from Maribor/Slovenia to Hamburg harbor
total of 33 truck heavy loads with max. 3800 m and length of 530 cm
50 tons weight per items as well as 50 special cars with max. length 3,860 cm

Munich fair
7,700 tons from Chojnice/Poland to Munich by RR with wide load & normal cargo
Transshipment & delivery by truck to site
incl. 2 pieces with 80 tons weight per items, 28 m length by truck

Grand Stade, Paris
10,500 tons steel construction for soccer station roof Paris St. Denis
369 heavy loads up to 2800 x 360 x 300 cm, max. 45 ton in 6 months

Hanover fair
1850 tons steel construction from Chojnice by RR to Hanover with wide load

14 containers per year with 110 tons ea. ex foundry via the individual processing
factories to delivery at Lubmin factory

60 containers 60 tons each from Plzen/CZ for Lithuania via Mukran by RR

Project Hartford/USA
10 containers up to 80 tons ex works Hartford/USA

Supply to nuclear power plants Biblis, Lingen, Grundremmingen with brand-new
transport container with up to 108 tons each ex factory Muelheim/Ruhr

Project Mailiao/Taiwan
1800 tons metal sheets conv. as well as 250 20 ft. boxes ex Germany & England c+f Kaoshiung

Project Palanga/Lithuania
3300 tons of metal sheets by truck/RR
as well as 1000 cbm accessories by truck, door-to-door

1500 tons p.a. electronic scrap to Sweden by wagon
500 tons p.a. electronic scrap inside Germany by wagon

Complete drilling gear with heavy lifts up to 66 tons
Ex works to Port Sudan

Supply to factories Shimkent, St. Petersburg, Lvov by truck & RR container

Supplies for Moldavia factory, Dscherschinsk, Kiev, Perm by truck
Gypsum products with high-capacity freight cars for Moscow & Kiev

Supplies for project NOWOMOSKOWSK
e.g. from Athens, wide loads with 300 m
various tarpaulin truck-tractors from all over Germany

approx. 800 tons p.a. roofing felt by RR from Romania with distribution in Germany

1 cpl. bottle cleaning plant, dismantled, with 4 heavy loads & 6 standard trucks
from Bucharest to Regensburg

1 cpl. transformer station for Imavere/Estonia
with supply from Bucharest and Dresden/Germany

2 heavy packages with 465 cm diameter, 25 tons ea. from Bucharest to Antwerp

Project Elbistan/Turkey - Skoda content
20 cpl. loads from the Ruhr

from Scunthorpe/GB for Ashgabad/Turkmenistan
56 tons / 400 cbm with wide loads up to 4 m

2 transformer stations for Brisbane/Australia
ex works Dresden & Erfurt c+f Brisbane with transformer parts up to 35 tons

Project Adapazari/Turkey 1900 tons / 8000 cbm
cpl. implementation of transports for Adapazari sewage plant

Project Dalaman/Turkey approx. 1200 tons / 5000
cpl. implementation for Dalaman sewage plant
Project Beirut 500 tons / approx. 2500 cbm water pipes

Flue gas desulfurizing plant Orhaneli/Turkey
approx. 500 tons 2000 cbm by truck

Flue gas desulfurizing plant Megalopolis/Greece
approx. 1000 tons / 4000 cbm with large packages up to 360 cm, 18 m length, 25 tons
by truck & ship

Wheel loaders, excavators, skip trucks from Chemnitz by RR to Slavonsky Brod
approx. 400 tons / 2500 cbm

Wheel loaders, excavators, sweeping machines from Chemnitz by RR to Baku/Azerbaijan
300 tons / 2000 cbm

Project Las Palmas/Gran Canaria
200 tons / 1250 ex works c+f
inland waterway craft/charter ship

Projects Nikolajev/Donetsk/Charkov/Ukraine
approx 1000 tons / 5500 cbm
by truck/RR as well as
heavy loads with packages of 560 x 560 x 340 cm

Project St. Petersburg
approx. 1500 tons / 10000 cbm
door-to-door with packages of 640 x 640 x 300 cm

Project Chico/USA
100 tons / 750 cbm
door-to-door up to 460 cm width and 320 cm height

Project Kazan/Russia approx. 500 tons / 5000 cbm
incl. 16 containers with 1650 x 576 586 cm each, door-to-door

2. Construction stage Kazan
2 dryers with 78 tons ea.
as well as 10 heavy loads up to 500 cm width
plus approx. 50 tarpaulin truck-tractors 13.60 m

Project Chongqing/China
approx. 150 tons / 1500 cbm
ex works c+f Shanghai

Project Kuluga/Russia
more than 100 transports with supplies from all over Germany and England
heavy units up to 47 tons, widths of 530 cm

Project Bend/USA
55 tons / 550 cbm as well as 5 x 20 ft. SO containers
door-to-door incl. parts with 572 cm of width

Project Waterford/Ireland
Container 1500 cbm door-to-door
Largest dia. of container650 cm

Project Bari
Cpl. brewing house ex works free site
with charter ship 250 tons / 1500 cbm

Project Enschede/NL
Cpl. brewing house Enschede
With 3 cpl. inland waterway crafts
incl. transshipment and door-to-door transportation

Project Manavgat
Cpl. brewing house, 300 tons / 1800 tons
Widths up to 7 m, loading with charter ship

Cpl. brewery plant incl. tanks ex works to Mariopol/Ukraine
Total 250 tons / 3000 cbm.

Project main station Frankfort/Main airport
500 tons steel construction with max. length of 3200 x 490 cm
ex Warsaw region to Frankfort/Main

Project GM Detroit
300 tons / 800 cbm roof construction with supplies from Italy
Poland / Switzerland, door-to-door

Project Goldmann & Sachs New Jersey
550 tons / 2500 cbm steel construction/
industrial glass from Poland to Germany free Jersey City site

Project New Fair Milan
Raw material from Italy to production sites Germany and Poland
and finished products ex production sites to building site
approx. 3500 tons / 12,000 cbm

Gene factory Sturlugata Reykjavik/Iceland
250 tons with lengths up to 22.5 tons from Poland and Germany
franco domicile incl. customs clearance

cpl. supply of production works in Poland with raw material incl.
creation of complete documentation.

Project "Lehter Bahnhof" (=station)
Approx. 5000 tons supply of raw material to Polish production sites and
return transport of binders with 22.5 m length and 4.40 m width to Berlin building site

Project Glasgow Center
500 tons from Poland with lengths up to 30 m, 4 m width

Project Cairo airport
Production sites in Poland approx. 50 40 ft. OT containers
as well as supplies to Wbg area approx 20 40 ft. OT containers

Project Bur Jurman Dubai
Steel construction & industrial glass from Poland and Germany
Total 500 tons / 2500 cbm

Project Kukule Gange / Sri Lanka
Ex supplier's works in Abu Dhabi and Germany
Approx. 7000 frt free building site incl. package of 5 m width/4.5 m height
in various lots from Abu Dhabi with e charter ships of approx. 2000 cbm each.

Project Kali Gandaki/Nepal
500 frt. from Germany free building site

Project Dhauli Ganga/India
1750 tons of sheet metal/constr. from Germany and Abu Dhabi for Mumbai/India

Project Port Said
5 crane installations from Constanza/Romania as well as Bourgas/Bulgaria
for pre-assembly in Priolo/Sicily
with 5 cpl. charter ships to Priolo/Sicily
as well as approx. 50 complete trucks with accessories from Kaliningrad/Russia and

Project Dunkirk
1 crane installation consisting of 3 units with 820 cm width / 7 m height, 100 tons ea.
ex Wbg to Dunkirk

Project Rotterdam
3 crane installations consisting of 3 units with 8.20 m width / 7 m height, 100 tons ea.
ex Wbg to Rotterdam building site

15 cpl. straddle carriers for Southampton
with wide loads up to 475 cm of width

10 cpl. straddle carriers for Tilbury

Project Port Said
2 machine houses and crabs of 100 tons weight per item ea.
from Wuerzburg to Priolo/Sicily

Project Sterlitamak/Russia
From Freising for Sterlitamak
2 partial deliveries with 2 trucks each of 5.50 m width

1-2 40 ft. containers monthly from Hong Kong franco domicile incl. customs, etc.

Project Baruda
5 heavy packages of 50 tons each from Ostrava/CZ to Karachi

Project Goldisthal
2 spiral housings of 60 tons each from Maribor to Heidenheim
and connecting transportation from Heidenheim to Goldisthal building site

Project Marsyangdi/Nepal
Supply of cpl. raw material to Nepal for production
Approx. 500 tons / 1200 cbm

Transport of cpl. backing lines destined for

Project La Brea Bridgeport
4 furnaces of 430 cm width ex works franco domicile Bridgeport/USA
incl. seaworthy packing

16000 tons of varnish and paint by RR to the whole
of GUS for 15 ultimate consignees

Cpl. asphalt mixing plant from all over Germany with 250 tons / 2000 cbm each
1 ea. for Wnukowo/Noginsk, Russia
2 ea. for Minsk
1 ea. for Panevczvs/Lithuania

Supplies from Italy and Germany
Approx. 30 trucks for Soligorsk/Russia

12 rapid transit consisting of 3 units from
Langquart/Switzerland for Kalamanta/Greece

2 cpl. concrete mixing plants from East Germany to St. Petersburg
total 220 tons / 500 cbm

Approx. 750 tons / 3000 cbm installation parts for building site Aksai/Kazakhstan
Approx. 450 tons / 1800 cbm installation parts for Agci Beti/Azerbaijan

Project Krasnojarsk
Cpl. filling plant ex various supply plants in Germany
On RR to Krasnojarsk incl. 3 cars with wide loads

Project Chabarovsk
Cpl. filling plant ex various supply plants for Chabarovsk

Project Australia
2 cpl. filling plants ex various supply plants for Melbourne
and Sydney

6 containers + 1 of 40 ft., total 2500 cbm
ex works franco domicile Fort Collins/USA
Dia. of container 580 cm

Boiler parts approx. 120 tons / 450 cbm up to 5 m
width ex works for Omsk/Russia

6 crane installations total 500 tons / 3000 cbm
Dubai/UAE incl. seaworthy packing

5crane installations total 250 tons / 1500 cbm
Almahdi/Iran incl. seaworthy packing

4 crane installations total 375 tons / 2750 cbm
Yankuang/China incl. seaworthy packing

11 aluminum crane installations approx. 700 tons / 4000 cbm
Shanx/China, cpl. implementation incl. steering
supply of accessory parts to the production plants, seaworthy
packing and documentation

8 aluminum crane installations approx. 520 tons / 3000 cbm
Guizhou/China, cpl. implementation
incl. steering supply of accessory parts to the production plants,
seaworthy packing and documentation

Cpl. drilling gear for Italy, Spain, Austria
Approx. 150 tons / 500 cbm in each case